Portfolio Work

Blackpool Tower

Showcasing the Tower painting projects, the Blackpool Tower Eye, Ballroom Floor Repairs and rides. Tower Ballroom Floor Repairs Tower Painting Projects Blackpool Tower Eye Blackpool Tower Eye Blackpool Tower Virtual Reality – Dare to Ride…. Tower Dungeons – Witch Show

Blackpool Council

Blackpool Council are also a major client for the business, enabling the PJM to be involved in a diverse range of projects on schools and public buildings including the Winter Gardens listed building. Typically, projects range to £3.0M Protective Screens, Palatine Leisure Centre, Fisher Field, Central Library and Marvel Comics

Cygnet Healthcare

The Beeches Mental Care Facility for Cygnet Healthcare in Salford (around 2.8m ) We are in negotiation for another Cygnet Project in Huddersfield.